I'm disappointed in you, apple

Braille on Apple Products

I got my new iPhone 12 pro today, and was excited because a friend told me most braille bugs had been fixed in iOS 14.5. Maybe so, but the most annoying one, which I have mentioned here still exists. In order to hear characters you erase using Orbit Writer for example, typing feedback has to be set for characters or characters + words for hardware keyboards. Hearing each character as I type is distracting, so I set it for words only. When you erase anything, you're not told what's being removed. come on apple, do better. This has been a problem for many versions of iOS and I along with a few others have reported it many times.



Submitted by Unregistered User (not verified) on Tuesday, May 11, 2021

As for me, I am using braille on screen iphone se 2020 and ipad 5.
The text is talked, erased, and again written.
I don't have any braille display.
So I am using braille on scrreen.
It's uncomfortable a little to type braille on screen on iphone se 2020 but...

Submitted by Cory K on Tuesday, May 11, 2021

I've had the same problem with actual displays like the braille sense.

Submitted by Lielle ben simon on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Hi, I have this issue with both my Braille Displays, both from Hims. I am useing Polaris and Smart Beetle Braille Displayes and experiencing the issue in HebrewBraille table.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

yeah as I don't use a braille display I don't have that issue. Maybe talk to the companies as well to see if they can help resolve it.

Submitted by Cory K on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

I've spoken with Orbit and they can't do anything. I've reported it to apple several times and no dice.

Submitted by Cory K on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

an update for everyone. I was reporting this in the feedback app and accessibility support never received the info. I called and spoke with someone. She had me attempt to erase content with the hardware keyboard set to nothing and we time stamped it. we did 3 different tests. Then I sent the logs to the engineering team. I'll hear back from the accessibility team by Tuesday with more info. to the poster above, and whoever else has this problem, please do report it, as apparently I was the first person to do so. call 1-877-204-3930. They'll be able to reference this case and it'll get fixed quicker with multiple reports.

Submitted by Cory K on Wednesday, October 27, 2021

This is still an issue with the latest iOS 15.1. to say I'm annoyed is an understatement.

Submitted by Lielle ben simon on Friday, February 11, 2022

I am hoping that apple will fix the Braille generaly, and mostly Braille Keybord announcing bugs.
It's happens wen I m writeing as Braille keybord on a Braille Display.
It's important to me, mostly because that English this is not my mother language.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Friday, February 11, 2022

Hope one day Android will be fully accessible so I can change. Like the Galaxy ultra phone. For now iPhone. that iOS 15.4 will have

Submitted by Meow meow j on Friday, February 11, 2022

Apple, that is… Embarrassing, what kind of service is this, I’d almost say android is better in braille accessibility, but, it is not., I want something better than iPhone, unfortunately, there is no better alternative, for now, androids accessibility is, barely adequate, however, I wouldn’t use it daily.

Submitted by Unregistered User (not verified) on Friday, February 11, 2022

Get rid of this disappointed phone and take windows pc.
Purchase a usual buttonful phone and simply hit keys!
A big accessibility!

Submitted by Joe on Monday, February 14, 2022

Club AppleVis Member

I understand the frustration here I really do, but at the same time you have to understand that we are a very small subset. Blindness and folks who are blind make up a very small representation and then you factor in those who actually use braille it's even lower. I've been irritated about Bluetooth issues for a long time that have not been solved. That being said I've walked on the other side with android and it was not fun for me. I used to be one of these people that would get so fired up after an update with break things for voiceover or Apple wouldn't do this or that, but ultimately they are a mainstream product. There are assistive technology companies that do just as bad and charge 1000 times more that we never seem to get that upset about. I don't know what the answer heater should be but for me using a PC has its ups and downs too. I love the fact that my iPhone allows me to do everything portably. I use my PC for Microsoft Word but that's because the mobile version sucks quite frankly. That's not Apple's fault. I think some folks need to take the threats serious and just leave Apple if it really upsets you that much. I did I left Apple for about three or four months and came back and honestly I'm not upset about these bugs anymore. The same old complaining that Apple doesn't care about blind people every update or every time they break something that they shouldn't have really starts to annoy me. Apple may not catch everything who knows why or why not. Definitely the bug discussed in this thread in particular has been reported and talk to accessibility just as some of mine. When I attach my wallet that's MagSafe it tells me the color which makes me think someone in Apple is paying attention to detail and have a little things can make a difference. You don't get these type of things on Google. Hell you can't even get audio description in the Google play store. Maybe I'm wrong for saying all this but ultimately I feel like people should just do themselves complaining on a form isn't going to help. At least Apple has these mediums in which they listen to us google outside of having the thing on by my eyes which is not a complaint line doesn't seem to have anything where I can file bugs reliably. I also can't be on a beta for talkback anymore because they have that approved testers thing you don't see that with Apple. Sure I'd love things to be a hell of a lot better than they are, but when you grew up in the 90s and didn't have any mainstream assistive technology where Miles ahead of where we were. I honestly think people forget that when complaining about how a four dollar app is inaccessible etc.

Submitted by Blee Blat on Monday, February 14, 2022

I have sent very politely worded emails to apple about bugs I have found, and gotten responses multiple times, and there have been fixes. Sure it's not perfect, but as has been pointed out, they have a lot of different people to serve, and some of these bugs are hard to test, particularly the braille ones, because until we start insisting more on braille, there will always be a low number of testers, because a lot of people think that audio is adequate for literacy. I say that to point out that it's a complex problem, and there isn't a quick or obvious solution for some of these things. At least braille works on Apple devices. I have not seen braille work on Android, but it's been a few years and a few Android versions ago that I tested it, but I could never get braille to work. Sure there are braille bugs, but there are braille bugs with every platform/screen reader. Some are minor, and some not so minor, but when money is more important than code quality, we're always going to have issues.

Submitted by Unregistered User (not verified) on Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Use windows for braille.
Bugs are minimal.
If you are only blind not deaf blind then you can use iphone without braille display.
If you are def blind take ios 13 or less.
So... it is not a critical problem.
If you braille supports off line reading like usb flash or like that then read off line.
If you are learning fremdsprachen eeeee no.... foreign languages then learn by ear it is more useful.

Just my opinion.

Submitted by Dennis Long on Tuesday, February 15, 2022

You think apple is bad? Well Android is worse. Lets start with poor keyboard support, Poor braille support, No dictionary, buttons, check boxes, radio buttons aren't their own controls. You can add far more to the roter then you can add to the talk back menu. No ability to spell check. Google also doesn't care about third party apps. So if you can't label buttons even though Talk back has this ability oh well. At least with Apple they will acknowledge your report and will fix it. I came from Android and got tired of the crappy accessibility. Does Apple get it all right no. How ever they are far and away better then Android.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Tuesday, February 15, 2022

If we were sighted an report bugs that affected us, it will be fix yesterday. I am sure Apple will talk about their wonderful accessibility in Globa accessibility in June. Still dealing with bug regarding VO when phone is muted and screen is lock. Did not happen in iOS 14.

Submitted by Dennis Long on Tuesday, February 15, 2022

As someone has said look at how far things have come. We are a small number of users. We need to get away from the mentality we are entitled to this because we are blind. Apple doesn't have to have such awesome accessibility in iOS. The fact is they were the first touch screen phone fully accessible out of the box with a screen reader. They have kept adding things that are useful and help us. Bugs that are hard to reproduce will take longer to solve. That is just a fact of life.