I keep getting stuck in dot calibration mode, help please.

Braille on Apple Products

Hi. I am having a problem when trying to use braille screen input. I will be typing along, just typing, not trying to enter dot calibration mode or anything, and all of the sudden, my iPhone will say something like, to calibrate the dot positions, place 3 fingers on the left side of the screen, lift them, then place 3 fingers on the right side of the screen and lift them. So I try that in different ways and different speeds and I am still stuck in calibration mode and can not type normally anymore. I do not know how this happens, as I do not even know how to enter calibration mode and neither do I know how to exit it. rotoring to something else, then going back to braille screen input does not get me out of this mode either. Can someone please explain more about what calibration mode is and how to enter and exit it? Maybe if I knew what was causing me to enter it in the first place, I would not accidently enter it anymore and if I do it would be nice to know how to get back out of it. Thank you.



Submitted by Unuhinuiʻi on Monday, March 16, 2015

I get the calibration problem all the time with my devices...
Either if Iʻm moving it from vertical to horizontal or some other direction - or if itʻs on an unstable surface.

On iPad I try to go with Perkins layout - there the dots just move and move, itʻs driving me nuts...

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