I am looking for a new braille display

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Hello to all, I am looking for a new braille display fro use on iOS or Mac computer. I have VarioUltra braille display, but because the hard status of Baum and because that Baum has bing closed I don't know if I will get any service on my braille display, until then that my Braille display will needs a service I thinking to by a new braille display. I look on the new braille display from Hims company but I don't know how it works on. iOS and Mac devices and if there are 5 or 4 bluetooth connections to work with my Apple devices, someone knows info about this? Someone has tried to work with this braille display and can share his experience? Thanks for your reference.



Submitted by Johannes on Monday, January 8, 2018


as Vario Ultra is still a relatively new device, I'd not look for a new one, but keep informed about new devices. I think, someone will takeover the support and development of Baum devices or Baum will come back.

If not, Vario Ultra can still be used. It's a really good device, that still has more functionality than other braille displays. The only danger is, that upcoming screen reader versions on Windows will no longer support Baum displays. Baum had to pay to FS for the certifications of drivers there.

I think, NVDA and VoiceOver will work with Baum devices for a long time. I work with a VarioPro for 10 years, and I did not need any Service till last month.

Hi, thanks for your reply.?i got a message from my local provider for Baum products,that sead me thet the servas continues and there are altehnet braille display if they could not be fix him. But after all VarioUltra is a great braille display and it's the best braille display that i saw in the recents years.