How to pair My Iphone with a Braillenote Touch plus thrugh Bluetooth?

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Hello everyone,
at the end, I decided to buy a Braille NOtetouch pLus as Braille display, and I'm reallly very happy about it. Now, I would like to connect it with my Iphone in order to be able to read books downloades from Applebooks. I tried to do it, following the steeps contained in the Humanware user guide but, I don't understand why, it says that the pairing is not possibile because the Notetouch PLus is not compatible. I have my Iphone right updated to Ios 13.3.2, I mean (so, to the latest version). So, please someone hwho has this device (Braille NOtetouchPlus) could tell me if it's possible to connect it with the Iphone, and in this case, please, could you tell me all the steeps to do it?. On the other hand, please, if someone has the Notetouch Plus, I would like to ask them another question related with reading books, perhaps outside this list, if it's possible, because it would be of course otu topic.
Many thanks in advance and have a nice saturday.



Submitted by Brian Tew on Saturday, December 7, 2019

I can only tell you about the iphone side. You do not use the bluetooth settings.
You must go to voiceover, click braille, then click your display.
unless you have info to the contrary use 0000 for a pin.
Main thing is use voiceover, not bluetooth.

If you don't know how to contact humanware support you need to find out.
Wish I could help more, but I don't have this display.
there is a facebook garoup called "braille displays"
Good luck.

Submitted by X2 on Saturday, December 7, 2019

Hi maria
I have a braille note touch Plus. Pairing your phone is pretty easy.
On your braille note, first make sure your bluetooth is turned on. to check, press N with enter and look for bluetooth. This brings you to the notification center.
Once bluetooth is on, go to the main menu and look for braille terminal. Or just press the letter B. Open braille terminal and select bluetooth.
Now, on your phone, make sure bluetooth is turned on. Once you do that, go to settings>accessibility>voiceover>braille. Scroll to the bottom until you see your braille note's name. It should say something like, BrilliantBI followed by some numbers.
Select the braille note name, and your phone should display a message asking if you want to pair with the braille note. Press ok. I think the braille note might ask the same. Just press ok.
Once paired, your phone should make a chiming sound. That lets you know it was successful. Now you can read your phone's screen on the braille note.
Hope this helps. If you have any problems, i could try to help you as best i can.

Submitted by María on Sunday, December 8, 2019

In reply to by Brian Tew

Hi Brian and all,
many thanks for your message, I will try again.

I contacted Humanware as well, and so, they will answer me tmorrow, I hoep.
About this group called Braille Displays, do you have more information about it?, unfortunatelly I don't have FAcebook because I don't like this and I don't have so much time but, I would like to know if there are other interesting groups, perhpas on whats app or as mailin list. If someone knows something about it, but thinks taht it's out topic, of course you can write me a private message to talk about it.
Many many thanks again.

Submitted by Brian Tew on Sunday, December 8, 2019

Well I don't know your interests, so I will talk about braille displays.
The one on facebook is the best I know. You don't have to read all the nonsense on facebook.
Just Join the braille displays group and stick to that. Don't read the so-alled news feed.

There is an email list for paperless braille displays pbd-l but it is rather dead.
I would google for "humanware list" and ask in the facebook group.

Submitted by María on Monday, December 9, 2019

In reply to by Brian Tew

Goodmorning, Brian and everyone,
Brian, please, could I write you otuside the list to talk about this?, I don't mind to do int on the list, ut i know that i'ts an outtopyc, and perhaps moderators couldn't be very happy about it.
When you talk about paperless displays (about this mailinglist) what do you mean exactly?.
About my interes, I'm looking for a mailinglist or a whats app groups about sharing books specially in english. IN spanish language, in italian and portuguese we have these kind of groups, and so, I would really like find something similar for english and german, in order to read books with my Notetouch PLus. In this sense, it's reallly a pitty that we only can read books of Apple books with a Braille Display, if we have the Iphone, Mac or Ipad c branched to the Braille Display. It would be really great if Appel Books would be available, for example on Easy Reader, or as an app which could be installed in these devices, because in Apple Books there are a lot of books in different languages that I really would like to read, but I need my Braille Display to read in foreign languages, and having always it branched to the Iphone or Mac is not confortable, of course.
Many thanks again.