How to find the server password to configure my iCloud account on my BrailleNote Touch Plus?

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Hi everyone,
I am trying to configurate my Icloud account on my raillenotetouch, I would like to do it, because I use this account for mailinglist, and I would like to subscribe to a milinglist in english and so, I need to e able to read messages on the NOtetouch. My problem is that NOtetouch asks the passwoerd of Icloud server, and I don't know how and where find it. IN humanware, told me that, I should go into Settings, my name,Password and Security, 2 factor autentication, but If i go to password and security, about 2 factor autentication, it says only that it's activate, but I don't find this 16 numbers code that theoretically I should fin. So, please, someone could help me?. Many thanks in advance. María



Submitted by Tyler on Monday, March 16, 2020

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

I don't have a BrailleNote Touch, but if the, "Get verification code," option isn't being accepted, I'd guess that you'd need to generate a password on Once logged into this website, under the, "App-specific passwords," heading, click generate password. You should then be able to login to your iCloud account using the generated password on a third-party app or device, like the BrailleNote Touch.

Again, this is just my guess, thus others who have this specific device may know more than I do.