HIMS Smartbeetle: letters are skipped when typing to my iphone 5S

Braille on Apple Products

Hi folks
When typing text in brail on my new smartbeetle of HIMS, I notice that many signs and letters are missing when typing, even on a normal rate of speed. It get worse while speeding up.
To ensure myself that I am not typing my own mistakes, I tried to use the clipboard modus of the display, i.e. you write a tekst, after that you can control, correct or edit it. I noticed that my text had no spelling errors or skipped signs. However, when pasting this perfectly spelled text to the iphone nomatter what app I am in, many mistakes and missing letters are forwarded to the phone from in the smartbeetle so that you get text phrases like this: It was a nice but cold day outside today. Itwa a nce bt coldday utside tody.
Can anyone reproduce this phenomena? Are their maybe settings that can perform this behaviour. I put the status cells off because I know this can cause brail devices to malfunction?