help with braille screen input on iPhone SE 2020

Braille on Apple Products

When I try using braille screen input on my iPhone SE, in landscape mode, it only recognises 5 fingers, not six. Is this a limitation of iPhone SE? It seems easier to use braille screen input on my iPad 10.2 inch device. Also how do I position my fingers on iPhone SE for screen away mode? It said like a print letter v in the article I read, but I do not know what a V looks like. So help with my braille screen input issues would be appreciated thanks.



Submitted by Chris Hill on Sunday, June 14, 2020

Seems to work fine on my iPhone 8, you may just need some practice. A print letter V looks like this: imagine a triangle with one side going flat across the top; cut that line off and you have a print letter v. Basically, starting from the top left, move down at about a 45 degree angle, make a 90 degree turn (and go up to the top right.

Submitted by Jo Billard on Sunday, June 14, 2020

It's just part of Braille screen in put. I just started using it recently and I found quite a few posts of this nature on here, and some tips for how to write a full cell. I'm still playing with it with varying degrees of success. For now, what's working for me is to type dots 4 5 6, then quickly lift my fingers and type in dots 1 2 3. I've tried other dot combinations and my hands don't like them, but you might find something that works.