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Hi all, I come across questions about 2 new VO features mentioned at the iOS 7 description, handwriting and Nemeth Braille. I'm using a 4S and I'm not sure if it's an issue of hardware or not. VoiceOver crashes, restarts and goes back to default settings every time when I wanna turn to handwriting mode. Another one is that, where to activate and use Nemeth Braille input?



Submitted by Guest on Saturday, September 21, 2013

Really disappointed with these only 2 features attracting me to upgrade. Anyway, I should have been waited for a longer time rather than upgrading and downgrading. Sigh.

I really think we as brailleusers have to step up and speak out of the importance of braille to be as good as possible on Idevices. They're very very handy in many cases, and the support is on its way. I haven't tested this, but as far of what I've read you can not read what you're typing before hitting space, when the auto translation is turned on. But that's only what I've ben able to find, so I will take a close look as son as my display will work again.

Hello Jasmine, I just tried handwriting on my iPhone4 which is the oldest model still supported by IOS7. It works for me without crashes and all letters are easily recognized, even though personally I am much faster with the on-screen keyboard. HOWEVER: I had tons of VO issues right after upgrading. The system was extremely slow, not responsive and almost unusable. I did a factory reset and went through the frustrating steps of entering and adjusting most of my settings again. The result is a device just as fast in responding as on IOS6. No, this is not just a minor improvement but a huge difference. So what I suggest is that you try this in the hope to get rid of those VO problems. /Roland

Thomas, I think it's indeed lacking discussion about Braille here... Thanks for your advice, Roland. I'm probably gonna update it sooner or later. Have you tried Nemeth Braille input yet?

Hi, unfortunately I haven't tried Memeth Braille and I won't be able to as I am not a Braille user and as far as I know none of the localized (and partly totally different) methods of Braille input for math are supported (yet) by IOS. I use German as primary language. I wish they had implemented a more language-independent method of math typography - since this is international by nature. /Roland