A few copies of the iOS 8 tactile screenshot book from iHabilitation available for free

Braille on Apple Products

Hello AppleVis Community!

First of all, congratulations on five years of absolutely wonderful service to the community.

We at iHabilitation Canada have a meagre contribution to the birthday festivities. We have a dozen or so copies of our iOS 8 tactile screenshot book. It is the version we created here, before National Braille Press took over the production. So, these copies are from before the NBP proof-readers got ahold of it. There are a few braille errors, but we're happy to send a copy to anybody who wants to get an idea of what to expect when our new iOS 9 book is released in the fall. After all, it seems like a waste to just throw them out.

Anyone interested should send an email to tom@ihabilitation.ca or reach us through the contact form on the website, and we'll be happy to send them out on a first come, first served basis.