Email addresses using 6 dot grade1 SEB

Braille on Apple Products

Hi All

Having a bit of a wierd one. Current home confinement has given me the opportunity to get myself back into Braille but I am having issues with email addresses using 6 dot uncontracted British english Braille on my iPhone XS using the focus 14 blue 5th edition. When not typing an email address I can do a full stop/period :) using dots 2,5,6 with no issue but if I am trying to do a full stop in an email address it seems to put in the number 4 which I find a bit wierd. Any help greatly appreciated.



I tried that but it was putting in an_, I know that.45 and six also did an_which is what was so strange. I changed my table to You Be Be and now things seem to be working much better :-)