Editing with a braille display

Braille on Apple Products

I'm wondering if anyone has any tips to make editing in braille a smoother experience. Currently, when I try to insert letters in a word, or correct a miss typed braille symbol, the word I typed gets translated, but so does other parts of the word. Sometimes, new words will be added or moved around even though I wasn't working on them. Unfortunately, this makes editing in braille practically impossible, which removes one of the primary use cases for a braille display. Is this experience common, and does anyone know if there's a workaround to be able to use braille as intended?



Submitted by Maldalain on Tuesday, August 17, 2021

It is simply nightmare to edit text using braille display on iPadOS/iOS. However I found it to be a little bit stable when you set the braille table to UEB. Sometimes the cursor does not synch with speech, so try clicking the routing cursor more than once to synchronize braille with speech. Also make sure QuickNav is off on your display when you edit, it sometimes switches back on automatically. Space with Q to to toggle it on and off.

Submitted by Tangela on Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Thank you. That is all very helpful. Do you have any idea of fixes for random parts of the word translating, and adding different parts of the word around ? I honestly don’t have a great way to explain this; literally text Jess goes everywhere.

Submitted by Tangela on Thursday, August 19, 2021

fair eNough. Does anyone have a better way of defining the problems? I feel like it manifests really inconsistently