Does someone know a program to convert books from contracted into uncontracted English and German for Mac?

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Hello Everyone,
I just discovered taht almost all books done in Braille format in English language are created in contracted Braille, and the same thing ahhpens with GErman. AS I don't know this contracted Braille, I wonder me if perhpars there is a program in the App Store and so usable with Mac or perhpas with Iphone as well which allows to converti from contracted into uncontracted Braille in order to e abel to read books with my Braille display.

If you have any other idea, it would be wellcome, of course.
Many thanks in advance. and goodnight.



Submitted by Life in Six Dots on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Braille Translators aren’t perfect. The only way I can think of for you to translate from Contracted Braille to Uncontracted on macOS would be to use Duxbury Braille Translator. You would have to translate Contracted Braille to plain text, then translate it to Uncontracted. I would, to hazard a guess, produce a number of errors.

Where are you sourcing your books from? In my opinion you would be better off reading eBooks on via an app on your braille display such as Kindle. That app isn’t accessible on macOS but it works great on iOS / iPadOS. There are other reading apps out there such as the Easy Reader app.

There are other sources for books such as BookShare where you can choose a preferred format such as uncontracted or contracted in .brf files, or .epub format.

many thanks for your anwer.
NO, kindle is not for me, becuase I shoud have the Braille Display connected to the Iphone and it's unconfortable a bove all if I go away, in the Swimmingpool, for example, and I want to read some hours. I need to be able to put the file into the Braille Display.
I looked for Duxbury in the Mac Store, but I don't find it, is it on the Play Store?.
About Bookshare, I signed up, but I assume that I'm really a silly person because I haven't been abel to download any book. Ifollowed the instructions, I click into Download, but nothing happens, so, I don't know, ut tell me about Duxbbury, please, perhaps it coud be useful for both languages, English and German, although it was some mistakes, I think that it will be understable, won't be?.
Many thanks again.

Submitted by Life in Six Dots on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Duxbury Braille Translator can’t be purchased from the App Store. For more information about it visit the official Duxbury website: I should point out that it isn’t cheap.

As for BookShare. Depending on your location some books may not be available.

What Braille Display do you have? Not all are able to accept external storage. If your braille display has Bluetooth that would be that best way to connect it to your iPhone.