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Braille on Apple Products

Hello gang!!
I recently acquired books in epub format. I'd like to read them with BARD Mobile, so I converted them to .doc format with RoboBraille, to then be able to convert them into Braille.
After this, I went back to RoboBraille and tried to convert them into Braille and got stuck. First of all I don't know what format to choose when presented with the dialogue box; any help with this would be appreciated.
Also if anyone knows of any alternatives to RoboBraille, I'd love to hear about them.
Thanks in advance,



Submitted by remixman on Saturday, August 2, 2014

First off, you should be aware that doing this will most likely remove any navigational elements from the book. In the BARD app, reading with text-to-speech is also not possible, so you absolutely must have a Braille display. If you don't have a Braille display, you will not be able to read any BRF books.

The best way to do this involves a few things. First, you'll need Calibre, to convert the EPUB book to TXT; and NFBTrans (or a similar application) to convert the text file into BRF.