Cannot Pair Smart Beetle Braille Display

Braille on Apple Products

Good morning!
I purchased a Smart Beetle Braille display and received it yesterday. I love the look and feel of the display, but I am having issues pairing it to my iPhone.
The device paired immediately after I turned it on and went to settings\general\accessibility\voiceover\Braille.
After using the display with the phone for a few minutes, the Beetle locked up. I wasn't concerned because I've had this issue with other displays; usually turning off both devices resolves the issue, but when I powered on both devices the Beetle went to "pairing Braille" mode.
I tried making sure the serial port was named correctly and ended up trying to reset the device to factory default.
I can pair it as a keyboard with no difficulties. Occasionally I can pair it as a Braille display, but then it locks up again.
Interestingly, in the Braille display pairing options, the beetle shows up as Smart Beetle (B)8003. I was under the impression that it should show up as "BrailleSense." Could this be the problem? As I stated previously, my serial port is named correctly.
I have emailed tech support at Hims and am awaiting a response but thought I would ask for suggestions here also.