Brailliant BI 40 forgets MacOS Braille Chord Commands

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Does anyone else experience this?

Experienced this issue for about a year now through MacOS 10.13.6 through 10.13.4.
My Brailliant is running the latest firmware 2.0.13. (Numbers may be misremembered, but I did check and it is still on latest firmware as of today)

I would like to be able to use my Brailliant BI 40 to navigate my Mac as well as just read what is on the screen.

I cannot. It seems on my Brailliant default MacOS braille keyboard chord commands DO NOT come preloaded when you plug it in. Under VO Utility > Braille > Displays > Brailliant BI 40 > Assign Commands You can see the braille display commands list for this braille display is MOSTLY empty except for assignments using the C keys and thumb keys

It worked as expected for about a day after I updated the firmware on a PC then and plugged it back in to my Mac, but as soon as I restarted my Mac later that day the Brailliant forgot the Chord commands again.

I would need to go to VO Utility > Braille > Displays > Brailliant BI 40 > Assign Commands and then put in all the Standard MacOS keyboard chord commands that the Brailliant should already know.

Anyone else experience this and know a fix besides assigning manually all the Mac OS Braille Chord commands, then saving a VO prefs file to import later if it forgets them again?