The Brailliant BI 40

Braille on Apple Products

Hello all:

Recently i got a Brailliant Bi 40 from Humanware and I have hooked it up via bluetooth to my Mack computer on a Mack Mini from the year 2010.
Hang on because we're going on a bumpy ride to get all of this situation explained.
After the Brailliant is turned on, I go in to my hard drive where all my cool stuff is located. I have a folder called projects.
In this folder I have some fan ficks that I'm working on. One is with a friend of mine and the other is some solo work.
No matter the fan fick that I open, I notice some formatting issues.
Here's where this gets strange.
While in the document, I can press ctrl-cmd-f, and that brings the screen in full focus. Then I just read with voiceover and the braille display if I wish.
If I press the key combination of vo-shift-grave accent keys, i go in the the resize screen menu.
I up arrow to move the screen size. The Braille display is keeping up with everything so far even after i press the enter key on my board. When I go to the second menu and bring up the resize to full screen option, the Braille display gets stuck and won't go any further after resizing the screen in this manner. The firmware of the Braille display is currently up to date which at the time of this writing is version 2.0.31.
I forgot to mention that if I open a formatted document and there is an opening quote around the first word, that first word gets translated into standard grade one Braille. For instance, the word, "in," which should be written as the i-n sign is spelled out. But if I open a brand new document with no formatting what so ever and just start writing, all works normally.
Does anyone else with any other Braille displays have any problems with this?
I've spoken to Apple's accessibility department and they say it's Humanware. Humanware says it's apple.
I'm ready to pull out my hair!
I do plan on getting the newest operating system which is Mohave. Right now I am running on High Sierra at the moment of this writing. One more thing I should mention too. i have to fight with the display to interact with documents sometimes. Other times it just works.