Braille Translation for Mac

Braille on Apple Products

Does anyone know of a VoiceOver accessible application for the most recent Mac OS 10.9.4 that gives a blind user the ability to create , save, edit, format, open, and read Braille files on the Mac? Windows has several options, but we are limited on the Mac. The main translation program I've found for Mac is Louis, but it is not compatible with the most recent OSX. Another application I found is Braille Writer, but it is not accessible with VoiceOver! I heard Duxbury is supposed to release a Mac version later this year, but it will probably be very expensive and I haven't gotten definite confirmation about the release date. I also heard about BrailleBlaster from APH, but I can't find a way to download it. Plus, I've heard you have to be really techy to use it. I also heard that an application called Index Direct Braille might be in the works, but I don't know what the capabilities of that app will be.
The main things I need to be able to do are:
type contracted (grade 2) Braille using 6-key entry, ability to save as brf file type, Ability to open Braille files and read using a Braille display or VoiceOver, ability to translate txt and rtf files into Braille, ability to save and email files as well as open brf attachments, and it would be nice if I could at least open or convert from dxb (duxbury) files. Oh, and the ability to read, write, and translate into UEB is an absolute must.
I really would greatly appreciate your combined knowledge on this. I need this handy application for a graduate school program. Thanks.