Braille tables issue in ios 14, can this be replicated before i report to Apple please?

Braille on Apple Products

Hello, i have begun using my orbit reader 20 more with the iphone but my fingers are so sensitive it is making my hand numb so not an ideal display, but that's another story. Are the braille tables broken in IOS 14.2 When i switch to UK braille, for example i type the following, as an example. It is impossible to get this working. For the B l e sign, i type, in braille screen input, to test this dots 3 4 5 6, so the "hash" sign i believe as is known in US braille? Then on the display the 3 4 5 6 sign is not present for the letters, b l e, but it is like the displays now only recognize UEB and b l e appear is this meant to be the case? Also, in UK braille at least, not sure about US? i write to as lower f, so 2, 3 5, yet, again, the display forces it to be actually written as the two letters t and o, not the sign for this contraction, lower f, am i making it clear as mud or understandable? Hope if this is a bug it can be replicated. a



Submitted by Krista on Thursday, December 3, 2020

Over here, I'm stuck in UEB until I lock and unlock my device. If I switch apps or something, or receive a notification, I have to lock/unlock the phone again. And I'm using a Focus 40 Blue fifth generation, updated to latest firmware. It's not Braille display specific, and it seems to be manifesting a bit differently for you? But it is a tremendous PITA and Apple needs to do something about it PDQ. I myself have reported it, to no avail.

Submitted by Jo Billard on Thursday, December 3, 2020

All I can say is that the B L E character no longer exists in UEB. I've read books produced in the UK and they're no longer using it. I'm a little confused about how to configure Braille tables, but I think US Braille will still let you write with those characters. I'm teaching myself to write in UEB, because that's the way things are going and I can read it just fine, but learning to write in this code is a bit challenging.