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Hi friends,
first, let me wish every one of you a fantastic year 2020.
This topic was originally posted in the braille forum, but having had no reply, I decided to switch forums to see if I could get luckier.
With iOS 13, appeared a braille table selector in the rotor options. For a French user like me, it has been a bad move, as it now takes 2 actions to switch from French to English, if I want to use iOS virtual braille keyboard. I now have to switch keyboard and braille table in order to benefit from the spellchecker and use the appropriate braille contractions.
Does anyone know why Apple took this decision of adding this braille selector and does it have any advantage for English users?
I would like to suggest that at least, a default braille table would be available for each language, and that switching keyboards would switch brail tables as well.
What do you think?



Submitted by jprykiel on Monday, January 13, 2020

Can anyone help on this at all? Or did I post this topic to the wrong forum?