Braille symbol issue

Braille on Apple Products

So i was typing on my iphone using the braille screen input.
The thing is when i try to key in the braille code for the # sybol which i thought was dot 3456, voice over announces the numbers but the # symbol does not get inserted.
So i would like to know what is the braille code for the #symbol.



Submitted by Brian Tew on Monday, April 25, 2016

aka hash mark.

I think it depends on how you have your braille input and output set under
settings, general, accessibility voiceover.

I have braille input set on 8-dot and brai2le output on 6-dot.
And english-us braille code.
With these settings dots 3456 makes the # # # number sign ok.

Submitted by Ken Downey on Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Try this in sixdot braille. First, dots 45-6. Then 1-4-5-6. That should give you the hash tag. Then do your 3-4-5-6 and finally type in your number. Hth.

Submitted by Gary c on Sunday, October 20, 2019

Here are the results of my brief experimentation with six duck braille. I tried 456 followed by #. I got a # but I also got _ before it. This is using English braille. What is interesting is that in 6 dot braille dropped numbers seem to work as well as using #. Dropped numbers speak their grade 1 counterparts as you enter them, so ;:. says ";:." until you space or start entering letters or something. (Actually I entered dot 4 folowed by the characters which produced 2:. and corrected the 2.) What is odd is that when you tap dot 4 it says "at" but after you add more characters after it becomes a percent. I also find that both 46 and 456 produce _, Add since I expect for six to produce period. I thought I entered . by preceeding it with dot for, but I can’t reproduce that . Now I can't figure out how I entered the period in 6 dot. It’s uncertain enough that I don’t think I will be using it to enter characters and passwords right now. I am using an iPhone SE and iOS 12.4.1.