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I have an iPhone Se. I am beginning to play around with Braille screen input, but am having a hard time with it. It seems only a couple of the dot positions are calibrating. I seem to get the same results when using screen away mode and tabletop mode. The phone does not feel secure in my hands when using screen away mode and I am afraid of dropping it. I have the Speeddots tactile screen protector (not the model for Braille screen input). Is it possible that the Speeddots is preventing the dots from calibrating correctly and has anyone else had this issue with an Se? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



Submitted by Tree on Sunday, November 5, 2017

I love Braille screen Input; it works great for me, most of the time, and I believe I type faster then most sighted people using qwerty on-screen keyboards. However, on the other hand, my wife finds braille screen Input harder to use. She is infinitely more competent with braille then I am, and she has been using six key Input longer then I have been alive. The point is, it's not for everyone.

I don't know anything about the screen protector your using, but it seems like that would not be the issue; I have a glass screen protector and it does not effect my typing. I guess some cases might effect your typing, but I have used on-screen braille with several types of cases and never had any major issues; sometimes with new cases I just have to adjust my grip etc. While your in braille Input mode you can touch and hold one finger on the screen for a few seconds to activate a mode where you can drag the finger around the screen to see where the dots are. Another thing you might try is to turn on character echo, if you don't already have it on; that will give you more exact feedback about each letter your typing. You can turn it off once you get good at typing. One other thing, I believe this only works with grade 2 braille turned on, but braille Input has a great spell and typo correction feature. After you have typed a word, just swipe up and it will toggle through different possible words it thinks you might have meant. This can help if you get a letter or two wrong.

Good luck

Submitted by kool_turk on Sunday, November 5, 2017

If you're afraid of dropping the phone, you might want to practice somewhere where dropping the phone won't damage it, somewhere like a couch or bed.

I prefer to have key echo turned on, simply because I tend to make mistakes when typing, sometimes my fingers might slip and I'll hit the wrong combination.

I must say, it least in my experience, I am way faster with BSI than with the iPhone's built in keyboard.

There are some braille symbols I don't know, or they have changed from what I'm use to but for that, I'll probably switch to the normal keyboard to input them, but that's extremely rare.

For typing messages, like this one, even though I'm typing this on my desktop, isn't really needed.

I can just use BSI.