Braille problems with Mac OS

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Braille on Apple Products

So I dunno if I'm being an idiot here or not. My experience with Braille is with JAWS and NVDA.

A little while ago I bought a MacBook Pro for video editing and school. It's been great except for Braille. I have a Focus 40 Blue 5th Generation that I pair via Bluetooth to my MacBook running Catalina 10.15.2. After listening to the Braille podcast I've still got big problems. The first one is Braille being underlined. I figured this might be because it hasn't been translated into print yet but even after adding a space or line break it sometimes remains underlined. Only some of the Braille is underlined and only sometimes. Sometimes I can pan the display back and forth and suddenly the Braille is no longer underlined.

More distressing is the problem I have where the connection to the display resets. The first indication I have of this happening is the Braille cells refreshing, Voiceover playing the Braille connection sound, and several words of what I just Brailled missing. It happens whenever I speed up my Braille input. I am, by no means, and advanced Brailler. I'm still transitioning to UEB. All of this has made it basically impossible for me to do anything but read static files. Sometimes a line break will be added before the text I just Brailled, even though I put the line break after the text I just Brailled. I've realized that it's up to the app devs to make Braille work properly but I've had these issues with MS Word, Pages, and Textedit.

So yeah I'm not really sure where I messed up here. Browsing the Braille forum has mostly given me the impression I should have bought an iPad. Now I'm at the point where I'm starting to question my own sanity and competence.