Braille Music Compiler for Mac OS

Braille on Apple Products

Hello all-
I have been reading a bit the past few days about solutions to convert Music braille to print notation. I have come across Braille music compiler [BMC]. Has anybody used this on their mac with success?
Also where do I find the download link for it? The developer 's GitHub is rather obtuse. Thanks for any comments.



Submitted by neosonic2 on Friday, July 24, 2020

While I am not familiar with Braille Music Compiler, I am very familiar with Github and software repositories on that site. From the repository's readme file, it appears as though you will need to compile the software yourself on your macOS system. This requires installing the software's dependencies (via a package manager such as Homebrew), and then using tools like CMake to compile the source code into a working application. If you are not familiar with software compilation I would be happy to provide assistance with this task; it is relatively easy once you know how to run the required commands, read their output, and make decisions based on that output.

In addition, the software looks like it uses QT as the backend for its graphical user interface, so you may or may not find it to be accessible with VoiceOver on macOS.

Submitted by Kyle on Friday, July 24, 2020

I doubt this works. Lillypond no longer runs on macOS Catalina and after do to the elimination of 32 bit apps.