Braille issues in iOS 10

Braille on Apple Products

I have been having trouble with my Braillient recently because of &dating my phone to iOs 10. Whn it is paired, the US code is now UEB, but sometimes, the code gets wonky and completely changes. A comma turns into a dot 6, and many other changes happen. Bullets are now the"e celled.
Help would <wry much be apreciated,



Submitted by Anna Beige on Monday, September 19, 2016

I already did this, because I have my braille translation table set to US braille and it randomly switches to UEB, mostly on websites. I saw another post on here saying that it also switches translation tables in iBooks (I use the Kindle app instead of iBooks, so I can't varify). You should write an email to:
And explain to the best of your ability the issues you're having with the braille display.
If enough people write Apple Accessibility emails about this braille issue, hopefully it will get fixed sooner.
Sorry that I can't actually help you. You've checked in the VoiceOver Braille settings, right? When I checked mine, everything was saying it was the same way as I had it in iOS 9. So I'm sure this is just a bug.

Submitted by Mitchell on Monday, September 19, 2016

Thanks. I will email them soon. Hopefully this bug gets squashed.