Braille with iPhone 8

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I just upgraded from a 6 SE to an 8. When I try to use the onscreen braille keyboard, I can type everything except the letter Y and the word "and". I hold the phone in landscape away mode. Is it possible to get the keyboard in portrait? My thought is that maybe my hands are a little too small to get my fingers in the right positions in landscape. I have IOS 13.1.2. Any help will be appreciated.



Submitted by Adam M on Friday, October 11, 2019

I am unaware of the ability to use portrait orientation with BSI mode. However, you may wish to try performing dot calibration.
You can do this by activating BSI, orienting your phone and hands the way you are most comfortable, then, tap the three fingers on your right hands in the way you would press dots 4-5-6, quickly followed by tapping your left hand in the position where you want dots 1-2-3.
This will calibrate the screen and dot positions to where you put your fingers.
This may solve issues with five-fingered entries such as y and the contracted word "and".

Adam M

Good idea, but, sadly, it didn't work. I guess my hands are just too small to braille on an 8. I'll start practicing Slide to Type.