Braille on iOS 14

Braille on Apple Products

1. In earlier releases of iOS I was able to navigate HTML documents in Safari, Chrome, Edge or in any other browser using my Braille display. So for Headings, I press dots 1 2 5, for buttons 1 2 etc. Now in iOS 14, when I press H on my braille display keyboard, it shows the letter H and nothing happens. I tried with the rotor options, I navigate to headings and used the braille rotor option to navigate to heading, the assigned key is shown in dots however it does not navigate to the corresponding page element.
2. The same behaviour is strangely present in the Settings section in iOS 14, I was able to navigate between the items of the screen which VoiceOver recognise as buttons by pressing the letter B. This does not work anymore for me.
This is on iOS 14 with iPad Pro.