Braille input on screen, is it just me?

Okay, upgraded from iPad OS 13.4.1 yesterday. Earlier BSI worked just fine but after this update it is like most of the time the wrong characters are not entered correctly. Is it just me? Am I doing anything wrong+ Still works on my phone and worked on my iPad before the update.


Wrong characters?

Why do you want to enter wrong characters, just enter the right characters.
jokes aside, try to set the braille table and language stuff in the voice over settings. If that doesn't work, may be a reset of the device would work. Also, have you been using the BSI in the correct manner, IE table top and stuff. Do check that too.


I have been using bsi often since it came out. I now deleted all the other tables becaus I only need one seeing that I don't need two Swedish and don't know english braille and with the system thing it works.