Braille Display Bugs, Typing Random Numbers, and iOS 11.2

Braille on Apple Products

Hello All:

I have an iPhone 6, and am seriously kicking myself for updating to iOS 11. It appears that Apple tried to "fix" things which were never broken, and created a number of accessibility bugs which can be quite debilitating in some cases, especially for a Braille display user like myself. Currently I'm experiencing the following bugs and am wondering whether others are as well:

1. When using a Braille display, the cursor will sometimes move to places I didn't route it to, or it won't move at all when I press one of the cursor routing keys.
2. When typing in a text field using a Braille display, it will sometimes leave out letters and punctuation symbols which I know I had typed. If I'm not mistaken, these bugs were listed in AppleVis's initial bug report on iOS 11 release day.
3. A bug which I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere: When in a text field, either with or without a Braille display, VO and the keyboard seem to get stuck on the number 4. The iPhone will then type 4 into the field over and over again without any prompting from me. The only fix I've found for this is to turn off VO, then turn it back on and delete all the 4's from the text field.

Is anyone else experiencing any or all of these bugs in iOS 11? I'm eligible for a new phone this month and will likely get the iPhone 7, but I'm not sure if that will fix the problems. Are there any workarounds, and does anyone know if iOS 11.2 fixed these bugs?





Submitted by Anna Beige on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I'm still on iOS 10.3.3 because I read about the braille display bugs and decided it wasn't worth the frustration to upgrade until they're fixed.
As to your question about iOS 11.0.2, if you're already on iOS 11, since you already have the bugs you mentioned, you could just upgrade to 11.0.2 and see if anything is fixed.
I'm really hoping they'll at least be fixed in iOS 11.1. These bugs are ridiculous and need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Hi. I'm not a display user, but I'm still on 10.3.3 too! I've read about various bugs accessibility and otherwise, on here and several other news outlets, and decided to wait until they are all the way fixed or not quite as bad at the very least. While some bugs do not apply to me (Ex. Microsoft email bug, (I use Gmail(, and the iMessage bugs, (I use Facebook Messenger), I've seen bugs that could apply to me, (Ex. Vo. crashing in certain situations). That's why I'm still putting up with the bugs I'm experiencing in ios. 10. Because as annoying and irksome as they are, I'd rather deal with those than deal with a more messed up system. Yes, I know there are workarounds for some of these annoyances and I'm sure I could find workarounds for some other bugs that rear their ugly heads, and I know that a few of these bugs are rare, but that makes the bugs in ios. 10 seem a bit more tolerable at least for now. Even if they do give me an ulcer from time to time. lol In short, I'm tempted and continue to be tempted to upgrade. But in the grand scheme of things, it's not worth the headaches potential and known right now. As the saying goes: `If it ain't broke, don't fix it!` I think that can be applied here.