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Hello everybody. What type of braille Display does everybody use?



Submitted by tunmi13 on Thursday, May 30, 2019

I use the Polaris's Terminal for Screen Reader function. Sometimes I'll use my trial BrailleNote Touch's Braille Terminal as a backup if my BrailleSense dies.

Hi everybody,
this is one of my favourites topics, and one of the things about in this moment I'm thinking about, and I explian why: I use an Actilino, so, a 16 cells Braille Display with a Perkins Keyboard, it allows writting and reading, that it's that I use, but it has a calculator, a wathsch a player, a musik editor and some games too. I'm happy with it, but I have a problem: connected with a Windows pc through an specific sofware called HtCom, it allows transfer from computer into device some different tet formats: rtf, word, etc. however, unfortunatelly this software doens't work with Mac, it means that if I connected my Mac to de device, I can only transfer files in txt format. Since I bough my Mac, I use almost never Windows (infact, I have only my Windows pc for this ting) and so it's very unconfortable, because I would like be able lto trnasfer files from the Mac into the Device without be oblished to convert each file in txt, in adigion, if I speak about files in languages which are "strange" letters (Spanish, portoguese, italian, etc.) I have to do a secondo conversion into ansi code, so, really very boring and unconfortable. Because of this, and because I need really have 2, I'm looking for a second device with Braille Display and Perkins Keyboard, which allows me transfering files with my Mac, on other formats, as rtf or woerd. I listened about POlaris, but it's to much for me, I mena, I don't need all these features, I only need write and read. Because of this, I would be really very interested too, in knowing that do you use as Braille Display, compatible with Mac. My ideal size are 20 cells, but it could be between 16 or 24, not bigger becuase I need carry it wherever everyday. I think that here in Europe there is not anything interesting, but waht about US? what do you use?, perhaps do you ahve devices which unfortunatelly have not arrived here. Many thanks and have a nice saturday. María