Braille dictionary shortcut

Braille on Apple Products

Hello everyone, I thought I’d share a Siri shortcut that I’ve produced. The shortcut will announce the Braille cells that are needed for those who might be learning Braille. E.g., the user can enter any letter of the alphabet or grade 2 Braille signs and the combination of dots will be read out. For example, someone typing in the letter Q will hear that the letter is made up of ots 1; 2; 3; four and five. It will also state that the letter represents the word quite when spaced on its own. Alternatively, typing in the letters T; I; O; N; will be read out as: Dots 5; 6; N.

Here is the Icloud link. Please do share it as widely as possible if you think it is useful to others. The activation phrase for Siri is: Braille dictionary. You can change the phrase to your own preference through Shortcuts settings option in the shortcuts app.