Any Hints On Using MBraille?

Braille on Apple Products

Hey guys. I know it's been a long time since I've been on this site. Anyway, with the demise of the Flicktype third party keyboard option, I've been looking for other alternatives. I tried Braille Screen Input for a while but I just found it very stupid that I have to rotor to it in order to use it. The Flicktype third party keyboard just popped up when I needed it. So I turned my attention to MBraille which is a third party keyboard and it's really good. But I'm finding it very difficult to use because looking at the help section, if you want to do things like send messages to people or make a reply to a Whatsapp message in your groups, you basically have to use the applets that MBraille gives you or adjust the braille keyboard so that it's not covering the whole screen, which I find makes it very difficult to type seeing as how I don't have small hands. So is there a way to send messages while in full screen mode with MBraille? Any gestures that I don't know about? Or am I out of luck? It would be nice if somebody could develop a Siri shortcut to make BSI pop up automatically. Otherwise, we should all band up and tell Apple to make BSI a separate keyboard for people to use. Thanks.



Submitted by Bobby on Wednesday, October 13, 2021

If you position BSI on top of "signs" in your rotor settings, you will have BSI ready to enter text in text fields with only one turn of two fingers (rotor).

Using MBraille as a third party keyboard to send a Message: go to a text field, choose the keyboard mBraille, enter text, swipe to the right with three fingers, the next keyboard will appear and the text you have typed. Swipe right with one finger until VO announdes "send". Double tap with one finger and your message is sent.

Submitted by Bobby on Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Position BSI on top of "signs" in your rotor settings, go to the text field in a conversation (iMessage, WhatsApp, Signal) turn two fingers once to choose BSI, type your text, flick once on top with three fingers. Your text is sent.