Alternative Braille keyboard on iOS?

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Hi guys. So, I used android for nearly 6 months last year. While it was lacking in many areas that iOS was good at, there was a Braille keyboard that I used called advanced Braille keyboard. Basically, this was a lot easier to use than Braille screen input. One of the features that made this keyboard stand out was the existence of an Afrikaans Braille table. Yes, this thing actually let you write in fully contracted Afrikaans Braille, which is something that Braille screen input doesn’t seem to do. I know about the embraille keyboard, but that seems quite difficult to actually use although I haven’t tried it on my new phone. Does anyone know of an alternative Braille keyboard that works like advanced Braille keyboard? Advanced Braille keyboard used the following gestures. Holding all six fingers on the screen would calibrate the Braille dots to the position of your fingers. Swiping up with one finger would make a space. Swiping left with one finger would delete the last character and swiping right with two fingers would close the keyboard. Is there such a keyboard on iOS? Thanks.



Submitted by Victor Tsaran on Sunday, August 1, 2021

I don't really know how Advanced Braille keyboard operates, but from what you described similar gestures exist on IOS Braille input as well. You can even configure extra Braille gestures starting from iOS 14.
I see there is a Braille table for Afrikaans, though not sure it supports grade 2.
Did you try?