8 dot braille issues in iOS 13

Braille on Apple Products

Hi Everyone: If you are an eight dot braille, computer braille, user please help. I use a Refreshabraille 18 on an iPhone 11, running 13.1.2, and Voiceover. I use eight dot input eight dot output, and English US braille table. This worked great on all previous version of iOS, until iOS 13. Using Voiceover, Voiceover sparratically speaks diffent things for the same symbols. For Example, if I press dots 2,5, Voiceover will say colon, but if I use arrows, it says three, like it's suppose too. This happens for most of the numbers, and all of the punctuation. I'll give another example. If I press dots 1,5,6, one thing, but the arros will say colon, which it should. According to Apple Accessibility support, no one else is having this issue. So please let Apple know if you are having any braille issues using eight braille on a braille display. Thank you!