Bluetooth Speaker With Line In: Supports Airplay: From SpeedDots

Announcing the Beatbox portable wireless Bluetooth speaker! Small size: big sound; at an affordable price. The Beatbox Bluetooth speaker will fill your room with rich sound, and not break the bank! Don't have a device with Bluetooth? No problem, this speaker also supports line in so you can connect all portable electronics including note takers, mp3 players, book players, or anything else with a headphone or line out jack. No longer do you have to spend high dollar amounts, to have a portable Bluetooth solution for home or travel. In order to help you decide if this speaker is right for you, we have put together an audio demonstration; showing the Beatbox in use in a variety of settings. In addition, we have included some audio samples of the speaker alongside the small version of the Jambox Bluetooth Speaker, by Jawbone. We invite you to take a listen to our audio demonstration The direct download link for the audio is: In addition to the audio demonstration, we have put together an accessible users' guide. To read the users' guide, visit If you like what you see and hear, and would like to purchase, please visit:


airplay is miss leading

I read the guide so unless my work computer wasn't refreshing you guys are calling bluetooth airplay which is incorrect. Airplay runs through a wireless connection it isn't the same as bluetooth. Again my work computer doesn't always load everything so I am hoping I just didn't see it somewhere in the guide. Otherwise please tak off the fact it works with airplay because that is miss leading. Voiceover is also handled differently through airplay with airplay voiceover stays on the phone with bluetooth is comes over the speaker.


Believe it or not, airplay *does* work over bluetooth. When we got these speakers, we were also ignorant to how this feature works. Once the speaker is paired, you can select it or deselect it in your list of airplay devices. People tend to jump to conclusions, and assume that airplay is wifi only. Now, if you want to argue its usefulness to a voiceover user, that's a fair point, since once you pair the speaker, voiceover is forced out the speaker until you go unroute it via the airplay setting in task switcher. But, its rather nice, in that when I want to switch from bluetooth to my pioneer or apple tv receiver, there's no need to unpair the speker, just switch away and back, with the airplay button in the various apps.

As a sound inginner the

As a sound inginner the speaker sound to me very boxy and like a tube is placed over the grill. This was wihtth espeach test and that's about as far as I got in the demo. I am impressed though about its ruggedness. Be blessed all.

Bass response

This sounds like a nice little speaker. I don't know if it's just my ears failing me or the headset that I'm listening on but I noticed that the beatbox doesn't have a whole lot of bass in it. It sounds like a lot of the low end is taken off somehow...Is there a way to control things like bass and trebel when using it in bluetooth? I've got a jambox and what I really love about it is that bass response. If I could somehow get a bit more bass into the beatbox that'd be ideal.

Toonhead, I agree.

The base on the Jambox sounded quite a bit punchier. That being said, the Beatbox didn't sound all that bad. I just like a little more base than it seems to have. Thanks, Shersey


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Hi All, I'm trying to decide which to buy. Does the Jambox allow you to play the music or whatever through the Jambox, but keep VoiceOver output on the iPhone?

Sepperating voiceover

Unfortunately, its all or nothing with any bluetooth speaker or headphones. when you pair it with bluetooth, you get all of the audio including voiceover. Its probably one of those things that should be suggested to apple though.

Ah yeah Thanks for that. In

Ah yeah Thanks for that. In the case of headphones I woudl wnt vo but in the case of speakers unless it is an ipod dock then probably not. I was wonderinf that as well as I don't yet own a blue tooth speaker or head set. Thanks.

Brand and model?

What's the brand and model of this speaker. I remember reading something about it being sold by another company with a different name for the same price.