The best Torrent client for Catalina?

I'm using Utorrent. It's easy for me to use with VoiceOver and has everything I need.
However, UTorrent is not 64 bit adapted and will not work on Mac OS Catalina.
You can recommend a some replacement.


#1 I would recommend folx. You

I would recommend folx. You can download more than torrents there. And the interface is easy to use.

#2 Folx

Folx is buggy, and if you are using a torrent site that requires a token or login information, it will not work. I've been trying to get Eltima to address this issue for nearly a year now, but they don't seem to be able to fix it.

#3 Ah I've ben lucky then as it

Ah I've ben lucky then as it has worked quite well knock on wood.

#4 Agreed with last two

Agreed with the last two posters. For now, Folx is your best option.

#5 Aria2

If you don't have a problem using the terminal, I recommend aria2. It's very nice.
You can install it with homebrew.