Barcode Scanner

Hi RedLaser is a good barcode and QC code scanner but suffers from some accessibility issues. Does any of you know of a good barcoide scanner that is completely accessible using VoiceOver? Regards Patrick



What information do you want the app to give you? If it’s just to tell you what the item is, then Digit-Eyes is probably the best option. It’s $10, but worth every cent IMHO. If you’re looking for an app that will give additional information, such as finding the best prices for the scanned item, then Red Laser is probably still going to be your best option.


I agree with my Spudly friend. Digit-eyes is the way to go. It helps you find the bar code with sonar sounds, and once identified, can tell you all sorts of information about the item. For example, if it's food, it can likely tell you what the ingredients are, and how to cook it. It can take a little bit to gget the hang of how to scan, but it's not hard, and the support for the app is very good.

I never got digitize to work.

I never got digitize to work. I used it on my 4 and my 5 with no luck in finding the bar code. This is why I'm going to try and save up for a summit. It uses laser tech which is more reliable then the camera.

It Takes Patience

If I can successfully scan using my iPod 4's sub-mega pixel camera, an iPhone can do it. It's a matter of practice, and patience until you get it. Most codes are along the label seam of a can, or on the bottom of the side of a box. I check there first. The app lets you know with sonar like sounds that it thinks it's seeing a barcode. When I hear that, I fine tune my distance and orientation. Other than non flat bags, I've never found a code I couldn't get.