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Version 1.1.0, 1d ago, Released a new update titled "Saundaman is Missing"! Play through 5 brand new story levels to solve the mystery behind Saundaman's disappearance! Unlocks 3 additional hats for the Endless Mode! Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Features - Music volume ducking during intro and outro sequences. - Adjusted the volume for good and bad affinity sound effects. - Fixed some issues with certain hats when restarting Endless Mode.


#1 Level 22

What a hell?
How I can beat Level 22?
Its very Complicated.

#2 Tell me about it

Yes, level 22 is quite hard. However, I did manage to get to the end of the level with only 1 star but I will get there. I have played all 5 new levels and currently have 65 stars. Love the new update.

#3 I managed to get 2 stars for

I managed to get 2 stars for level 22.

I'm not moving onto the next level until I get all 3 stars.

#4 love the new update

I really love the new update. I wonder what is coming next. I'm still on level21. Trying to play without headphones because I do not have my airpods, challenging. But I will make it through, I know I can.

#5 How did you beat level 22? having a real time of it, and not goo

This is frustrating for me. what I feared came true, multiple distortions coming at you at once. I can't seem to beat level 22 and barely did the previous one. you can take your update back now … I'd say.
Ashleigh Piccinino
P.S. Pleae give me a hint or something as I'm going nuts trying to do this.

#6 The new Update

I really love this new update. I‘m on Level 25 and and its very nice. I beat it allready.

#7 I also beat the game

I also beat level 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25. Also I unlocked all of the hats. honestly I really don’t know what to say here, some of the people just do not get the multiple enemy system. But, I get it. It’s not that hard at all. all it is is distortions that are quick. Multiple distortions. I scored 1 million on the endless mode so, from experience a little bit.

#8 it's crazy... but, I love it!

hey! I am still in level 22
and still can not get through it!
someone has finished level 25. wow!
you are very good at it!
I will spend more time in it during the weekend...

#9 So far I've been relying

So far I've been relying quite heavily on the super spell.

As soon as it's ready, I use it, simply because you get different distortions in the same direction.

The element that happens to be clocest to you is the one that takes precedence, for example, if you have an earth and a water element in the same direction, but earth sounds louder because it's clocer, you would have to use the fire spell before you use the lightning spell.

The super spell takes care of most of that for you, provided you have enough time to activate it.

It also helps if you can remember the type of distortions first, for example, level 22 has the fire element first, but it's the kind you have to hit 5 times before killing it.

You also have the earth elemental to your left, but that can be taken care of with one spell.

Now the question is, do you take out the one on the right first, or the one on the left, it really depends on how quick you are.

If you take too long on one, others build up and then you get ambushed.

Learn to see the pattern and you won't go wrong, at least most of the time.

#11 Level 24

I don‘t understand how to get 3 stars on level 24
The Saundermans don‘t hit me, I used the Superspell and I killed them all.
But I have just 2 Stars.
Can someone help me?