Are you running public betas and submitting feedback through feedback assistant?

Hopefully this is permitted. I don't want to step on anyone's toes. But I think it is important for users to run public betas and submit feedback through the feedback assistant app that becomes available. This app is completely accessible. To be honest, I think that numbers are important. The more individuals submit feedback with voiceover and accessibility issues, the more likely Apple engineers are to notice and fix the bugs.

The public beta is free to register and use. A user just needs to go to and register their icloud account (apple id), and install a simple profile on their iDevice. Once done, the public beta is available, and the feedback asstant app is available. The user just needs to log on and submit the bug reports.

As I said, I don't want to step on any toes. Hopefully suggesting this is permitted.

A lot of bugs have been fixed over the years. And going through the proper channels only enhances that. What do you guys think?


Having a developer account, I

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Having a developer account, I use both OS X and iOs betas and report issues through the bug reporter. Hopefully that's effective.

I have used both

Given that I only have one Mac and one phone, I still use at least the OS10 beta. If nothing else, they see something voice over related. We can't begin to say what the bugs are if we don't have the pair to go and get the beta. I'm sorry but anyone who just is to afraid to try, and then has bug upon bug upon bug, really has no one to blame but themselves. In the year or so since the program started, I have not once had to recover to the old OS. IOS I'm less flexible with the installation, I stopped using that program for now. Call me harsh if you'd like but we have a very small nitch in this community at large. having said that, if you don't report the bus, hope the accessibility team takes your email seriously when there are so many variables, machine types, laptop versus newest laptop, mac mini, all of these models also have year dates, so does the next Os great on a 2013 but it hates a 2011? good, report the bug. Whether or not it gets fixed, at least you go through the right channels.


yes, I'm testing public betas of iOs, and if it's needed I'm reporting bugs via the feedback assistant.

I'm waiting until I can reproduce bugs

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I am waiting until I can reproduce bugs before I use Feedback Assistant. I have reported reproducible bugs. is this a good stratigy , or should I report bugs right away, and pass the work to Apple?

Report Feature and enhancement requests

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Report Feature and enhancement requests.
Just a reminder, the Feedback assistant has a category for Reporting Feature and enhancement requests as well. We can report more than just bugs.


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I'm having a lot of trouble with the feedback assistant app. I fill in all the details and select submit. It seems to send and gives me a thank you message. However then the report just seems to sit there in the Outbox and never fully sends.
Any thoughts or advice.

I have

I have that same problem. Very odd.

This is Expected Behavior

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The reason the report just seems to sit there is that Feedback Assistant is uploading all relevant crash logs etc. with your report, and these files can be very large. I've found that it's best to just open up your Outbox and leave Feedback Assistant open until the Outbox is empty.