Apple music

Hi All, I tried Apple Music's free trial. I had quite a nice music library. My subscription has run out. And I guess since I have not renewed, I've also lost my library. My question is, when I subscribe, will I get my library back or will I have to download everything again? Thank you all!



unfortunatelly you have to download everything again. you also have to add everything again into the library.

Thank you.

Hello Warcat: Thanks for your answer. I was afraid I would have to re-download all my music. Just glad it wasn't on a paid subscription.

Might try Apple Music so

Thanks for the tip! I might try out Apple Music, just to see if it's a bit more intuitive and Spotify and was wondering the same thing of if during the 3-month trial, I added stuff, what would happen if the trial expires and I'd someday want to return to the service? Thanks for the info provided!