Apple has released iOS 6.1.4 for the iPhone 5

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Apple has released an IOS update today. Although it is only a minor update. IOS 6.1.4 only appears to effect the iPhone 5 users. The only description that Apple gives is that it updates the "audio profile for speakerphone." This can be updated by using the Over-the-Air update through your Software Update on your phone or through the iTunes. Upon, my experience of the update. It does appear to be a very small update. About 2 MB in size. So the update went flawless and quickly. Before anyone ask. Since the file was only 2 MB in size and only fixed a very small code in the IOS. No, it does not change anything else that I have seen. Plus, also it does not fix any Voice Over Accessibility for those that want to know. ;) Lastly, from my observation so far. It does not appear to have broken any functionality. Just a friendly note. As with any update. Remember to back up your phone first! :)



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My update from 6.1.3 to 6.1.4 was around 980mb. VO is speaking a little more smoothly, and the phone is more responsive, but this could just be an indication of the fact that my phone software was getting a bit scruffy pre update.

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I have the new update and no their is not any change in the update either.