An app which reads alternative media sites

Is there an app which reads news sites like drudge, or infowars or anything like that? Thanks


All Voices

You can search for All voices in the App Store.

A news reader

What I mean is I know for instants the fox news has its own app, but drudge and info wars does not. So I am wondering is there a NewsPlayer or News reader that will read those?


Yes, the All Voices app aggregates those sources. You can also get them on apps like Smart News. You can also add RSS feeds from the sites you wish to read to your feed reader app like Newsify.

stock app

What about Apple's News app?

The Apple news app

I tried that one but they don't have the sites that I want. Which actually doesn't surprise me.

Use an RSS Reader

For the news sources you mentioned, use a good RSS reader like Lire. It has a built in Web browser that can snag the RSS feed from a website. The app can download the full text of an article for reading without a cell connection. The All Voices app mostly has the liberal and socialist media outlets and likely is not a fit for you.