App store upgrades on IOS 6

Dear All, Ever since I've upgraded to IOS 6 I am not getting the apps to be upgraded displayed on the screen of my I phone 4s. The App store shows the number of apps to be upgraded but when I go into the update tab the page only states 'all apps are up to date'. This has only happened since the IOS 6 upgrade. I have to now plug my I phone into I Tunes to update, which is a bit of a pain sometimes. Has anyone come across this with IOS 6 and if so; how do I make things better? I have 3 bars on Wi-Fi and full 3G on as well (although I try not to update anything using that route, as I only have 1Gb of data). Thank you, Steve.


#1 App switcher

Kill the app store in the app switcher, and relaunch it. It will work then.

#2 Refreshing the Update tab in the App Store on iOS 6

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Hello Steven, Although I think this is, indeed, a bug in the new App Store, there's a solution that's relatively easy to implement and much less inconvenient than having to use iTunes: 1. Press the Home button to make sure you are on the Home screen and not still in the App Store. 2. Double tap the Home button to open the App Switcher. 3. Flick to the right until you find App Store. 4. Double tap and hold until you hear VoiceOver say "editing." Sighted people say the apps are wiggling at this point. 5. Make sure you are still on the App Store. If not, flick to the left or right until you are there. 6. Double tap App Store to close it and remove it from your list of running apps. 7. Dismiss the App Switcher. 8. Find and run App Store again. You should find you can see the available updates. Hope this helps. Regards, Darrell

#3 Thank you Darrell

Dear Darrell, Thank you for that, it worked fine. However, one problem that required a bit of thought before I could get it to work. Once I deleted the App store from the app switcher and went back into the app store again, all I could hear, apart from a completely blank screen, was the word 'tap' or it might have even been 'one tap' at the bottom of the screen. If I double tapped this area, nothing happened. I turned off voice over with the tripple tap on the home key and single tapped the area at the bottom of the screen. Once I turned on voice over again, the screen showed the upgrade and then everything was fine. Is this supposed to happen or is it yet another bug on IOS 6? Also, I didn't have to add my Apple password in order to upgrade; is this another bug on IOS 6 too? Many thanks, Steve.

#4 No, that's a feature

This is intentional. If you've already purchased something, the updates are free. You don't need urgent security to upgrade, and they don't make you.

#5 Thank you again but still a little confused

Thank you for this response to my last comment concerning passwords to uddate apps. However, I remember having to input my password every time I updated an app when I was using IOS 5.11. So; is this a new feature in IOS 6? Other than that, everything fine now. Regards to all, Steve.