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Hi, My name is Nicholas Acosta. I am comming to tell You all about an IOS app that will comming out soon. I have been working with on Teamtalk Beta for IOS. I am the main developer of the app and We are looking for Beta testers for the app. How does this make You feel?

Teamtalk will be made for the iPhone for now and It will come to iPad in a later beta.Please send an email to if You want to become a tester. Please put your Apple ID in the email. We need as many testers of this app as possible. You can follow me on Twitter @


Once We add You to the list, You will get an email so that You can download the Beta. Note: You will need to have test flight installed on your iPhone. Then, You will need to hit the link to download the Beta. You will need to sign in to Testflight with your Apple ID.

Thank You for taking the time to join. We hope to hear from You soon.

Nicholas Acosta



Submitted by Thomas Byskov Dalgaard on Friday, December 18, 2015

Hi Nicholas!

Interesting. Many months ago I sent you an email with my information because I wanted to sign up as a betatester for the client.
I have never ever got any confirmation or invitation to any testing platform. My question is therefor the following:
If there is a new developer doing the app, did this guy get the betatesters information so everyone who signed up previously can be involved in a beta testing process?
... And another thing: Who is now in charge of the development of the Teamtalk 5 for iOS app if it aren't you=

Best regards Thomas