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I am trying to develop a new app that will have a rating system built in. I would like to ask about usability of existing rating systems, such as the Facebook and Youtube "Like". Are the current rating systems satisfactory or is there a certain point that could be improved? I recognize that all numbers should be readable (i.e. not in graphic form only), but I wonder if there's anything else I should look out for. Thank you so much for the help.



Submitted by mehgcap on Monday, March 17, 2014

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I just wanted to thank you for reaching out to this community for feedback.

The system is up to you - binary or graded, for instance - but the important thing is accessibility. Voiceover doesn't care if there are graphics or textual elements, so long as you properly identify the controls and give them labels and help text. Also, if you go for a gradation, I personally think you should avoid showing each star/circle/whatever individually. When you are flicking through a screen, you suddenly have to flick several times instead of only once to get past the rating indicators. Better to have it all in one control so Voiceover can move past it with a minimum of extra commands. For instance, if something has five stars and each star is its own control, that's five flicks just to get past the rating. If the whole indicator is one control, just one flick will move you past.

Again, that is only my personal opinion. If you have questions, comment here and we will try to answer. Also keep in mind that many people on this site are happy to test something out to be sure it is accessible.

Submitted by eedawa on Sunday, March 30, 2014

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Sorry for my delayed reply, but I really appreciate your detailed response! Actually, I'm very interested in UI design for visually impaired users but it's very difficult for me to perceive what is good design myself. It was very interesting to hear about the necessary flicks required for individual stars/etc. I will continue to work on my project and check back here for insight and advice. Thank you again!!