Radio buttons not working in iOS8 Safari

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I have found a defect that prevents VoiceOver users from selecting radio buttons in certain scenarios. The defect occurs if I add a Highcharts component to the web page. I have reported this to Highcharts at, but I think there is a possibility that the defect is actually in Mobile Safari or VoiceOver, rather than in Highcharts. The reason for this is that it works fine on iOS7, but it is broken in iOS8.

Here is an example of the defect:
If you swipe through the elements on the page and then double-tap to select a radio button, you are not able to select the radio button.

I have recorded a video of the defect (the video uses Flash):

Have you seen this issue before? Do you know where I can report this issue to Apple?




Submitted by Santiago on Monday, February 23, 2015

I have encountered this issue on not only Safari, but some third party apps when using VoiceOver and running iOS 8, so I'm pretty sure its a VoiceOver issue. I already reported the issue to Apple, but the more people report this issue, the better.