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What I am picturing for people who are blind is a Word template that has 2” squared cells where you can type up to 250 characters and when you hit enter it will become a QR code. Is this possible? If so, that person could just tab to another cell and make a printable Word doc with up to maybe 16 QR codes on one sheet. They could then label whatever with them and use a phone or iPod to read them. Thanks for any input!



Submitted by Tim Schwartz on Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One of the expanded features of the app Digit Eyes already does something likewhat you propose. You use their website to create QR codes and you can print out sheets on many different types and sizes of address labels. I guess you could print it on plain paper as well. Anyways, you can put that label on anything you want and then use the app to scan it. I find that this is one feature of Digit Eyes that does work very well. Since the label and code was createed by the user, it's so much easier to find than a manufacturers UPC code. That all being said, I have almost completely given up apps like Digit Eyes and OMoby for the Recognizer app. No need to label anything anymore!

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Must agree with the comment mentioned above. Codes of all sort are almost of no use anymore now that Looktel Recognizer is out. Used to label everything myself and found this app just make things easier and no more hassle of making those nonsense codes. As the Recognizer mature in time it will be the only app that I will need to use to help me identify things around the house. Plus, the Recognizer is at a much lower price than those other code reader apps that allows you to create your labels. The cost of those labels and toners are not cheap in the long run. We will still need a code reader of some sort for other purposes in which there are apps that are free that can do that. I also recommend using Viz-Wiz with your Looktel Recognizer to help you together in making your life easier.

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