my thoughts on the swift playgrounds app for iPad

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hi guys.
I just wanted to give my thoughts on the swift playgrounds app for iPad. i'm really glad that it's fully accessible with voiceover and I do think it's a great way to learn to code. however I find that when you have to guide the character around the 3-D puzzle world I find the grid a little confusing. I guess I'm having a little trouble visualizing the grid. I keep picturing the grid like how you would make a spreadsheet with Microsoft excel. making spreadsheets is easy. I don't know if I'm supposed to be picturing the grid like a spreadsheet. Is anybody else having this issue? I only got through the first puzzle so far. basically I'm having trouble figuring out which way to move the character to collect the gem.



Submitted by Sean Randall on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hi Molly,

It's quite OK to think of it as a spreadsheet, although the world is 3 dimensional, so you have elevation to worry about as well as x and y coordinates. There's also places in later puzzles where you can't go.

In the first puzzle Byte starts at 2,1.
The gem is at 2,4. Byte is facing north, so a move forward takes him to 2, 2. A left turn after moving to 2, 2, followed by another forward move, would take him to 1, 2.

I hope that explains things enough to get you started.