Hearing images web application

App Development

I have created an experimental web application on my website called HearImage, it converts an image in to sound with the idea that blind people can scan an image and (with training) get an idea what is in the image by listening to the sound produced by different regions of the image. It can be tried out at


Touch/click the image and sound is produced generated by the local colour info.

(It needs html5 webaudio browser support to work)

Any thoughts?

A terrible idea? interesting? wont work?





Submitted by Imaginingstuff on Saturday, January 24, 2015

Perhaps it could tell me what the sunset is like! I haven't seen one in years. LOL

Submitted by ejectamenta on Saturday, January 24, 2015

I wish it could, I guess you can still hear the stillness and feel the sun's infra-red glow. I just tested the app on sunset image, it sounds like someone playing a double bass, but the dark cloud parts don't sound so nice!