Debugging a VoiceOver Issue With Web Events

App Development

I'm trying to understand something about the events that get fired in this situation. Also, are there any decent web debugging tools that run on IOS? I do not have a Mac. Here is the situation.

I can't show this to anyone because it is private, but here is what happens. I have an iPhone 5S. The developer I'm talking to has an iPhone 5S. There is a check box. When I double tap it, nothing happens. When I split tap it, I can use it. My developer friend says it works for him. The difference is that he is using the checkbox in landscape. I'm using it in portrait. What might be happening with events either firing or not firing. For example, does a different event fire for a double tap than for a split tap. Does the developer need to watch for an event he may not be watching for? How do you account for why it works in landscape, but not in portrait? Does it have anything to do with something like overlap or some sort of layout difference?




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