talking goggles app not speaking on ipod touch fifth generation using ios 8.3

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greetings all, I am using an iPod touch fifth generation with IOS 8.3. I recently got the app called talking goggles developed by sparklingapps. I tried to open the app and from what I heard in a podcast its supposed to talk and speak to you what camera detects. Well, it don't speak:( When I activate the still camera mode and hit the take picture button I get no speech:(. If the dev of this app is on here please reply. thanks lots.



Submitted by raaj on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hello wonderful applevis members and moderators,

As I mentioned above, I wonder whether the talking goggles working? I just tried after a long time and I found it is not talking at my end. I have an iPhone5S and the latest 8.41. updated firmware.

Awaiting for your replies.


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